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Une nouvelle revue "Alpine and Mediterranean Quaternary"

[Revues électroniques]

Le premier numéro est paru. Cette revue prend la suite de Il Quaternario : Italian Journal of Quaternary Sciences
Les articles sont disponibles au format PDF sur le site de l’AIQUA
ou directement sur le site de la revue

Au sommaire :
- Local glaciers in the Julian Prealps (NE Italy) during the Last Glacial Maximum / Giovanni Monegato
- Sea level change in Western-Central Mediterranean since 300 Kyr : comparing global sea level curves with observed data / Fabrizio Antonioli
- How homogeneous are microwear patterns on a fossil horse tooth ? Preliminary test on a premolar of Equus altidens from Barranco Leon 5 (Spain) / Andrea Maria Francesco Valli et al.
- U/Th dating of a Cladocora caespitosa from Capo San Marco marine Quaternary deposits (Sardinia, Italy) / Maurizio D’Orefice et al.
- Sea level and paleoenvironment during Roman times inferred from coastal archaeological sites in Trieste (Northern Italy) / Romana Melis et al.
- Paleohydrographic evolution and its influence on human settlement in the Karthaliny basin (Georgia) / Stefano Furlani et al.
- An approach to body size fluctuations in Quaternary continental mammals : the case of Hippopotamuses from Western Europe / Paul P.A. Mazza & Adele Bertini