Laboratoire Méditerranéen de Préhistoire Europe-Afrique (UMR 7269)

Tuesday 10 January 2012, by CerAfIm // 8. Institutions

The Laboratoire Méditerranéen de Préhistoire Europe Afrique (UMR 7269 – LAMPEA) is a laboratory belonging to Aix-Marseille I University, CNRS, MCC, IRD. Its project is based on a 34 permanent researchers staff (including 7 CNRS, 5 university, 7 MCC, 7 INRAP and 7 CNRS ITA).

Scientific framework is constructed according to the three words environment, strategy, culture. Four specialities are identified : Prehistory, Archaeozoology/Palaeontology, Geoarchaeology, Alimentation and health Bioanthropology.

Scientific project concerns the analysis of the organizations, changes and evolutions of the human societies of the past and of their environments (Prehistory, e.g. with knowledge material elements conditioned by taphonomic processes).