Annabelle GALLIN

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Coordinator of research programs of LABEXMED.
Intermittent researcher at the Laboratoire Méditerranéen de Préhistoire Europe-Afrique [Mediterranean Prehistory Laboratory (Europe – Africa)], (LAMPEA, UMR 6636), Aix-en-Provence

Research Focus
Late Neolithic and Post-Neolithic populations in Sahel Technological study and grammatical analysis of stamped decorations. Azawad Basin (Nigerien Sahara) as part of the “Neolithisation and birth of producing and complex societies" project of Program 5 (Cultures and population ecology on the long run in Africa).

Current fieldwork
Niger (Azawagh basin and Niamey area)
In Zan, Azawagh (Niger).
Chronological framework
Late Neolithic (2d-1rst mill. BC)


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