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LEROY Suzanne

Membre associée & Honorary Research Fellow in Environmental Sciences at the University of Liverpool.

Au LAMPEA depuis février 2018.

Contact :


- 1.Palynology (pollen and dinocysts), palaeoclimates, past environmental changes, past natural hazards and disasters
- 2. Caspian Sea, SW Asia, Mediterranean region, N. Africa
- 3. From Pliocene to present

Training : Doctorat en Sciences, 1990, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgique

Membre du Programme P1 de l’unité

PI/Participation International projects

- Marmara Sea with P. Henry (CEREGE, France)
- Gorgan Wall with E. Sauer (U of Edinburgh, UK)
- Caspian Sea, Turkey, Issyk-Kul with S. Giralt (CSIC, Spain) and R. Ricketts (U of Minnesota, USA), Dead Sea

Recent publications

- Altolaguirre Y., Postigo-Mijarra J.-M., Barrón López E, Carrión J. S., Leroy S.A.G., - Leroy S.A.G., Lahijani H., Crétaux J.-F., Aladin N., Plotnikov I., minor revisions submitted 17 Nov. 2018. Past and current changes in the largest lake of the world : The Caspian Sea. In : Mischke S. (ed.) Large Asian lakes in a changing world. Springer
- Arpe K ; Tsuang B-J ; Tseng Y-H ; Liu X-Y ; Leroy S.A.G., online 10 May 2018. Quantification of climatic feed-backs on the Caspian Sea Level variability and impacts from the Caspian Sea on the large scale atmospheric circulation. Theoretical and Applied Climatology. 14 pages.
- Hamdan, M.A., Hassan, F.A., Flower, R. J., Leroy, S., Shallaly, N.A, and Flynn, A., online 2 March 2018. Source of Nile sediments in the floodplain at Saqqara inferred from mineralogical, geochemical, and pollen data, and their palaeoclimatic and geoarchaeological significance. Quat Int 17 pages
- Haghani S., Leroy S.A.G. online 27 June 2018. Recent avulsion history of Sefidrud, south west of the Caspian Sea. Quat Int
- Bruch A.A., 2019. An environmental scenario for the earliest hominins in the Iberian Peninsula : Early Pleistocene palaeovegetation and palaeoclimate. RPP 260 : 51-64.21.
- Lahijani H., Abbasian H., Naderi–Beni A., Leroy S.A.G., Haghani S., Habibi P., Hosseindust M., Shahkarami S., Yeganeh S., Zandi Z., Tavakoli V., Azizpour, J., Sayed-Valizadeh, M., Pourkerman, M., Shah-Hosseini, M., accepted 9 August 2018. Distribution pattern of South Caspian Sea sediment. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences
- Agustí J., Leroy SAG, Lozano-Fernández I, Julià R., 2018. Joint vegetation and mammalian records at the Early Pleistocene sequence of Bòvila Ordis (Banyoles-Besalú Basin, NE Spain) and their bearing on early hominin occupation in Europe. Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments 98 : 653–662.
- Leroy SAG, Chalié F, Wesselingh F., Sanjani S., Lahijani HAK, Athersuch J, Struck U., Plunkett G., Reimer P.J., Habibi P., Kabiri K., Haghani S., Naderi Beni A., Arpe K., 2018. Multiproxy indicators in a Pontocaspian system : a depth transect of surface sediment in the S-E Caspian Sea. Geologica Belgica 21, 3-4, 143-165.
- Makhlough A. ; Nasrollahzadeh Saravi H. ; Eslami F. ; Leroy S.A.G., 2017. Changes in size and form in the dominant phytoplankton species in the southern Caspian Sea. Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences 16(2) 522-536.
- Mertens K. N., Takano Y., Gu HF, Bagheri S, Pospelova V, Pieńkowski A., Leroy S.A.G., Matsuoka K., 2017. Cyst-theca relationship and phylogenetic position of Impagidinium caspienense incubated from Caspian Sea surface sediments : Relation to Gonyaulax baltica and Evidence for Heterospory within Gonyaulacoid Dinoflagellates. J Eukaryot Microbiol 64(6) : 829-842.
- Mudie P., Marret F., Mertens K., Shumilovikh L., Leroy SAG, 2017. Atlas of modern dinoflagellate cyst distributions in the Black Sea Corridor, including Caspian and Aral Seas. MarMic 134 : 1-152.