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Laboratoire méditerranéen de préhistoire Europe Afrique
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Directrice de l'unité
Estelle Herrscher

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Pierre Magniez
Xavier Margarit

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Cedex 2
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A full-time position as an archaeology laboratory technician

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To begin 15 February 2016
Koç University - Department of archaeology and the history of art

In addition to ensuring the safety of the laboratory and the depot, the lab technician is responsible for the ordering and maintenance of necessary laboratory supplies. Coordinating events, workshops and other occasions for students and the department to learn about aspects of archaeology or related laboratory work is expected. The successful applicant should be familiar with the equipment/microscope in the archaeology laboratory and be able to assist with department and student projects and be able to help affiliated researchers coming to use the facilities from outside institutions/universities.

Especially welcome are applicants with training in archaeometry and with background in the operation of laboratory instruments. Applicants with at least a master’s degree in related discipline are preferred.

Dr. Rana Ozbal at : or
Dr. Dilsad Sıla Votruba at :

Interested applicants should submit a CV with references by 1 February 2016.

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