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Post-Doc in applied Statistics "Nouveaux outils statistiques pour la datation OSL"

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A new statistical tool for OSL dating"

à partir du 1er juillet 2015
Labex "Sciences Archéologiques de Bordeaux"

The objective is to develop a statistical tool based on a bayesian approach allowing the analysis of OSL measurements performed on poorly-bleached sediment samples.

The post-doctoral candidate will develop, in collaboration with the researchers of the luminescence group and the Bayesian specialists, a Bayesian approach for analysing these data which will be an alternative to the classic one.

The objectives are the followings :
1) define, test and validate a Bayesian model allowing the analysis of non-normal (skewed) distributions of paleodoses ;
2) integrate this approach in a Bayesian model including external chronological information.

The candidate will have a backgroung in Bayesian statistics and developed skills in R language programming (using JAGS for Bayesian coding).

Please send us a CV and a research statement to
Philippe Lanos :
Anne Philippe :

Application deadline : 31 May 2015

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