Laboratoire méditerranéen de préhistoire Europe Afrique Lampea

Laboratoire méditerranéen de préhistoire Europe Afrique
Lampea, UMR 7269




Directrice de l'unité
Estelle Herrscher

Directeurs adjoints
Pierre Magniez
Xavier Margarit

BP 647
5 rue du Château de l'Horloge
13094 Aix-en-Provence
Cedex 2
33 (0) 442 52 42 94

Maion méditerranéenne des sciences de l'homme

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Journal of Lithic Studies

[Appel à contributions]

Call for papers from modern knappers

The Journal of Lithic Studies is currently looking for modern knappers (including ones who aren’t professional archaeologists) who are interested in writing articles for the journal. We are particularly interested in reports with practical insights into methods of production and use of stone tools. If you or someone you know may be interested in writing something for the journal, please feel free to contact us with your ideas. For contact details, see the links below.

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